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We provide our products and services to clients from a wide range of industries and markets. Click on a heading below for a list of our major clients within that sector. Clicking on a red coloured client will show a testimonial
Banking & Finance
CitiBank, ABN AMRO, SSKI, Power Finance Corporation, DCM Financial
Microsoft India, WIPRO, XANSA, Digital Globalsoft, Orbitech, Oracle India, IMS Consultants, Spectra Net Ltd.
Media & Public Relations
Time Warner, India Today, Genesis PR,IPAN PR, Bloomberg, Observer Newspapers, Press Information Bureau
Manufacturing & Consulting
Reliance, Xerox, Bechtel, Punj Lloyd, Larsen & Toubro, Arthur Andersen, Mahindra & Mahindra, Engineers India Ltd, Bharat Electronics, BHEL
Healthcare & Hopitals
Mallya Hospital, VIMHANS, Dr. Shroff's Charitable Eye Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Indian Naval Hospital Service-Sanjivani Hospital-cochin, Justice K. S. Hegde Medical College & Hospital
Refineries & Petro-Chemicals
Kochi Refineries Ltd., Mangalore Refineries Petroleum Ltd.
Hughes Network Ltd, Motorola, TCIL, BSNL, TATA Tele Services Ltd.
Property Builders & Architectures

Ansal Properties & Industries Pvt. Ltd., DLF-Delhi, Ramaniyam-Chennai

Heavy Engineering & EPC.

Gammon India Ltd., IRCON , Mahindra & mahindra acres - chennai


Mallya Hospital in bangalore were maintaining all medical records of their patients for a long period of time. At a certain time they ran out of storage space for storing the documents in the hospitals Medical Records Department.DI suggested a Document mangement System for Mallya, first of its kind in Indian hopsitals in 1997. DI digitaized all their back-records using high volume scanners and provided them with a built in document Archive.

Now, With DI's constant support and service, Mallya Hospital runs the best managed and developed Medical Records System in the country. Recently DI provided Mallya with a system upgradation and Audit, for updating their database & Document Management system.

TATA Tele Services Ltd.

Tata Tele services, Delhi handles large volumes of subscriber applications, Documents, and Complaint documents on a day to day basis. They generete about 4000 documents every day. The requirement for storing these documents for long periods was taking lot of storage space, it also takes a lot of efforts to find a particular document from the large chunk of documents stored.

They decided to implement a DMS for handling this large volume of documents. DI was assaigned the task for converting their back-documents. The total volume of back-Documents came around 30 lakh, and Digital india comleated the task at hand in record time using high speed scanners and high end technology. Tata tele services now runs one of the largest Document Archive in the country.

Ansal Properties & Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Ansal Properties & Industries Ltd, are the biggest builder and property developer in Delhi region. with over 30 properties spread all over India for which various documents are filed. These documents include drawings of the properties, documents like Lease Agreements, Correspondence, Litigation Documents, etc. These drawings and documents may be up to 30 years old and some of the older drawings were on the verge of disintegrating. Most of these drawings were of large format but have been folded to A4 size and stored in bag type plastic folders.

The drawings were in pretty bad condition due to repeated handling and mainly due to the fact that they were folded and then filed away. On the folds, there are very deep marks and even tears which will require some amount of physical repair prior to scanning them. Fading of the lines and other details on drawings is another area of grave concern. Other Documents related to the properties including Lease Agreements, Correspondence, Litigation Documents, etc. These documents are in much better condition and can be scanned after some simple pre-scan treatment.

Documents were scanned, cleaned, indexed and archived on CD ROMs, various user departments were given special CDs with the documents that they require to view frequently. This will eliminate the need to handle and re-handle the physical document and files. A Pilot Project was also executed prior to the actual installation, to demonstrate the technology, its features and limitations as well as to demonstrate what work needs to be done to scan, image enhance and index various documents.

Digitisation of Architectural Drawings
DI enviaged a special technique using photographic technologies for developing and digitizing Architectural drawings, which were already in a bad condition. To digitize them with maximum quality and clarity.

SSKI Corporate Finance Ltd.,Mumbai

SSKI were maintaining a lot of documents from annual Reports to FAX's that was flotting around in the tables of staff members. They needed a solution that can define a process flow and also digitise their documents.

DI helped SSKI identify a suitable DM solution and also helped them to start off by converting the back documents using high volume scanners and indexing them in a very short period of time.

SSKI now manages all their documents through this DMS and they have this process flow excellantly defined and organised.

Kochi Refineries Ltd.,Cochin

Technical Services Department (TSD) has created and maintained a Drawings & Technical Document Archive. THis Archive included tehnical drawings that were of utmost importance to an organisation like KRL.

The archive has grown to a large amount that it could not be easily managed. At this point DI suggested a DMS for archiving and and maintaining those documents using their digitized version. This helped KRL to preserve the important documents for a very long time and at the same time access the document frequently.

KRL also wanted a solution that can be easily integrated with their SAP solutions. DI provided the necessary technical support for KRL to make the document archive communicate with their SAP system.

IRCON International Limited.,

IRCON needed a system which can be used for scanning and archival of Project and Tender related Documents. Which were generated in the project sites of IRCON all over india and Abroad. They wanted a solution that can provide for VSAT connectivity between various IRCON Offices and project sites.

DI devised a DM solution which can provide for connecting and communicating with diffrent geographically seperated sites. DI also provided IRCON with various Hardware solutions for implementing the same solution.


DI installed a Document Management System at the corporate office of WIPRO. This DMS was used for managing the organistional documents in Wipro infotech.

India Today

India today is one of india's biggest news group. India today maintains a large document base of past reports photographs and other materials for future use. Considering this large requirement DI suggetsed a DMS which is highly scalable and fits to the requirements of India Today.

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